Shangrao Vocational and Technical College Introduction

信息來源: 上饒職業技術學院


        Shangrao Vocational and Technical College is a state-run public full-time institution co-constructed by the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province and the Ministry of Education (MOE), China. The college is located in Shangrao, a beautiful city famous for its extraordinary scenery and historical foundation, surrounded by world natural heritage Sanqing Mountain, Shangrao  Concentration Camp and Wuyuan, the most beautiful countryside in China. The college occupies an area of 31 hectares, with a total building area of more than 120,000 square meters, only 5kilometres away from downtown. Being the transportation hub of four provinces, Shangrao Vocational and Technical College is an ideal place for study and research.

        At present, the college has five teaching departments , namely Department of Management Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Information Engineering, Department of Electronic Engineering and Department of Arts, offering 26 majors for nearly 7,000 students. With well-equipped teaching facilities, Shangrao Vocational and Technical College runs 64 elementary and training rooms on campus and 31 training bases off campus. The college boasts provincial-outstanding teachers , professional academic teaching teams and several top quality courses. It is devoted to cultivating qualified talents with continuous cooperation with famous enterprises and foreign institutions. It has established last relationship with Beijing Know How Company Ltd, Hongkong Guiyi Vocational Education Group and Suzhou Software Technology Park to ensure good practical skills and high employment for students. The students have won multiple National prizes and a hundred times of provincial prizes in professional skills competition under the guidance of teachers and their own efforts.

        Shangrao Vocational and Technical College has been dedicated to providing  students with a humanistic and holistic education that enables them to think innovatively and make practical use of their professional knowledge and skills for their future job.


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